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Garage Door Repair Solutions for Savvy Homeowners

Astute homeowners are always looking for garage door repair solutions to economize and resolve problems affecting their garage doors. You can always look for trained handymen although it is important to know the basics. DIY techniques can be effective provided you have the knowledge and proper tools.

Watch out for these issues before you call the garage door company. Test out the garage door’s balance. This is quite easy since you only need two fingers to lift raise the overhead section of your fixture. There may be a problem if you cannot accomplish this with just two of your fingers.

Remember this: The garage door that has been installed properly and maintained regularly should have a balanced weight of seven to 12 pounds. Excess weight will affect the function as well as the safety reverse mechanism of electric openers. This can cut down the life span of the garage door. At any rate, you will need garage door service right away.

It is always important to inspect the sectional overhead portion of your garage door for balance. This is what a legitimate garage door company will tell you. You can disengage the garage door using an electric opener by simply hauling the release cord. Hoist the unit halfway and release it slowly. A balanced door will only happen up to the middle. The spring needs more tension once the door closes automatically.

It may be necessary to call a garage door repair technician at this point. Do not forget to reconnect the opener after the examination. Do not forget that it is risky to adjust spring tensions. Only an expert with the right tools should do this task. Call a technician after finding out the garage door is not stable.

Examine the safety reverse apparatus of your garage door. You can do this even without the assistance of a garage door service specialist. Start by marking the floor directly beneath that point where the opening device is connected to the garage door. This is located right at the middle of the door. Push the button on the wall to open the door and close right after this. Put a piece of wood 2 x 4 inches in height on the flooring where the mark was made. It should turn around on contact to a completely open position. Otherwise, you need to get in touch with a qualified garage door repair person if replacement or major repairs are mandatory. Test should be made at least once every month.

Garage doors will need lubrication to prolong their existence. Apply lubricants if the door starts to make screeching sounds or the unit does not open or shut down efficiently. All moving components should be oiled once each year. Buy machine oils which have been designed for garage doors and its bearings, pivot points and metal accessories. You can try the motor oil with a couple of viscosity grades or silicone-based oils. The garage door company can give proper advice regarding this concern.